Hole-in-one Challenge (LukeⓥScott Ep.6)

Hole-in-one Challenge (LukeⓥScott Ep.6)

On the heels of a Team Speedgolf win, Luke isn’t just warm; he’s on fire as they pull into Taupo! 🔥

Standing on the edge of Lake Taupo, Scott has lost his grip on the early lead.

It’s now 3-2.

After 3 consecutive wins, will Luke keep his momentum and even up the match?

The stakes couldn’t be higher in ep. 6. With $10k on the line for a hole-in-one, there's plenty to play for.

On top of that, a loss means either Luke or Scott will be forced to take their biggest leap into the unknown with Taupo Bungee.


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