Q Kids: Coming in 2024

Q Kids: Coming in 2024

When we unveiled the original Q, the feedback was phenomenal. But a thought kept nudging at us - wouldn’t an all-in-one golf club be an absolute game-changer for our little golf prodigies? Well, we listened and embarked on the journey of reimagining golf for the younger generation.

🎉 We are elated to announce that very soon pre-orders for the Q Kids will officially kick off via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform! 🎉

The essence of golf with a Q isn’t just about swinging the club; it’s about the experiences woven into every game. Whether your youngster plays for the sheer joy of it, for a delightful day outdoors with friends, to practice their skills, or even for those weekend family getaways, the Q offers a refreshing, lighter take on golf.

Now, let's talk features tailored for your kiddos:

  • New Head Weight: We've adjusted the weight to make it kid-friendly, ensuring they can swing with ease.
  • Two Length Options: Whether your child is just starting out or growing like a weed, we’ve got the perfect fit.
  • Revamped Head Design: Not just about aesthetics, our refined design ensures better playability for young golfers.
  • Four Loft Settings: Simplifying choices for kids, we've included just the essentials - a Putter, Hybrid, 8 Iron, and Sand Wedge. This ensures they master the basics without getting overwhelmed. With Q Kids, we're bringing the future of golf to the next generation!

Let's make golf more than just a game, let's make it a cherished childhood memory. ⛳🏌️‍♂️🌟

Simon & Jamie
Co-Founders, Q Golf

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