Q Kit Now Available

Q Kit Now Available

Since launching Q, two of the most common questions we get are:

1. Do you offer custom shaft options?

2. Why is international shipping so slow and cost so much in customs?

Well we've listened, and today we're introducing Q Kit.

Q Kit lets you buy the key ingredients for your Q - and simply add a shaft of your choice at your local Proshop or golf retailer.


  • Q 11-loft adjustable head
  • Q extra-long three-position grip (14")
  • Shaft ferrule

The new package is much smaller and easier to ship to all 30+ countries we support. See the checkout for the full list of countries.

Plus, with a lower price point you pay lower customs/duties when it arrives.

See the Q Kit to learn more


Will my local Proshop / golf retailer be able to fit the Q Kit?

Yes, we have created the Q head and grip with standard specifications. If your Proshop or golf retailer can fit a normal head to a shaft, they can fit a Q. We recommend a 600 / 370 standard hybrid or long iron shaft.

Where is Q Kit available?

All 40+ countries we sell to. See checkout for the full list of countries.

How big is the Q Kit package?

Approximately 375mm x 50mm x 50mm (15", 2", 2")

Does this change affect existing orders?

No, there is no effect on any orders placed before 17 January 2023.

Where is the complete Q Club available?

As part of this change, the Q Club is now only available in the USA.

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