Urquhart is Now Q

Urquhart is Now Q

Today we're super excited to announce that we're changing our name from Urquhart to simply "Q"!

Why the change?

For a long time we've recognized the name Urquhart, while rich in history (it was named after Robert Lish Urquhart, creator of the very first adjustable club, patented in 1893) is a tough one to read, say and remember.

When attending the PGA Show in Orlando as part of our launch in February 2022, it really hit home that the name's complexity was becoming a distraction and prevented it from being shared.

Why Q?

We selected Q as a subtle nod to the original Urquhart name (given Q is the most unique letter) We love the fact that its universally readable, pronouncable and memorable. Plus, we were able to secure the website addresses q.golf and qgolf.com 🙌

Does the change affect the model name?

Originally the model name was the Q11. For now, we've decided to do away with a model name altogether. In the future we'll likely add one, similar to how the original iPhone was just called iPhone, and the second version was called "iPhone 3G".


By simplifying the name, we're aiming to better match our mission of enabling a simpler, lighter, more fun golfing experience.

- Team Q

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