Welcome to the Q Community

Welcome to the Q Community

We believe Q has the potential to be much more than one club. 

A big part of this is connecting like-minded golfers around the world.

Until now we've relied on the "Q Owners Club" private Facebook group, but we've realised we need something else for two reasons:

  1. Not everyone has Facebook, or wants to use it
  2. Facebook Groups are great for discussing recent news and posts, but not good for other types of content (e.g. guides, reviews, discussions)

So, we're thrilled to announce the Q Community

The Q Community is a free online portal that includes:

Resources shared by Q Golf

  • Learn - learn about how to make the most of your Q
  • Media Coverage - see Q in the media
  • Company Updates - updates from us

Discuss with our team and other Q owners

  • General Discussion
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Me & Q (share where you're playing and WITB)
  • Travel
  • Accessories

Get involved with

  • Events
  • Wishlists
  • Customer Reviews

Visit the Q Community

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