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11 in 1

Adjust to any club between Putter and Lob Wedge in 1 second.

Expertly Crafted

Created by a team who have designed clubs for Taylormade and Titleist.


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Free Global Shipping

Right and Left Handed now shipping to over 40 countries.

From putter to lob wedge in 1 second

With a simple push and twist, Q transforms into 11 different clubs.

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Golf wherever you go

Q is perfect for a casual round with buddies, an evening 9 holes, taking on vacation, and even just keeping in your trunk at all times.

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World class design and engineering

Our team have designed clubs for Titleist, Nike, Taylormade and other top brands.

We understand high quality golf club design and manufacturing - and have focussed on creating a club that feels beautiful to hit.

Lighter at every step

From garage to car to tee to green.

Carrying a single golf club makes golf easier every step of the way.

No space required

Q takes up almost no space, making it perfect to keep in your car's trunk at all times.

Love your driver? Have a special putter?

Bring it with you. Q is fantastic by itself, but the lightweight experience remains if you bring another club or two.

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NBC Golf

"This club is great! Went for my first round today, took only the Q and my driver, and it was wonderful.."

— Cody Smith, TN

"A big shout out to the Q team! Design is amazing and the look and feel of the club is so eye catching and unique! Well done for such an incredible journey."

— Peter Inness, NC

"All of my playing will be done with the Q. I have spent a life time playing golf and have had my share of great scores. It is now time for me to simplify and play just for the joy of the game."

— Randy Lyons, CA

"I have a Q club as of around 4 weeks ago and have played and practiced with it quite a bit. This is not a gimmick - it is a serious, very playable, quality golf club. "

— John Mule, LA

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Join the 1000s of golfers around the world enjoying lighter golf.

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